#Spielberg's terrific for Ex-Neighbour's Geyer

FORMER Neighbours hunk Dean Geyer has landed a role in Steven Spielberg's next big thing.

Dean Geyer
Dean Geyer has landed a plum acting role. Source: HWT Image Library

Geyer, who just wrapped an action blockbuster in Hollywood, will appear in the uber director's sci-fi series, Terra Nova.
The ex-Australian Idol favourite starred in Never Back Down 2 and his part in the Jurassic Park-style time travel series will turn the heads of Hollywood studio bosses.
Geyer returns to Melbourne from Los Angeles on Monday and is ecstatic about the role alongside Life on Mars star Jason O'Mara and Avatar villain Stephen Lang.
Spielberg and Tom Hanks' Melbourne made mini-series, The Pacific, was a launching pad for the career of Aussie export Claire van der Boom.
Production on the Queensland-based Terra Nova has started with an air date expected mid-next year.