Lucasfilm Hosts Live Screenings of 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars'

The secrets of Darth Maul are about to be exposed.
Although the popular and enigmatic villain from "Star Wars: Episode i The Phantom Menace" met his demise in that film, the origins of Darth Maul and the training techniques of the Sith will be depicted in an upcoming episode of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars."
To celebrate the occasion, Lucasfilm and Cartoon Network are hosting free theatrical screenings in 11 cities across the country. On December 07, the screenings will begin in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. On December 08, the action moves to Boston, Dallas and Washington D.C. before traveling to Philadelphia, Atlanta, Seattle and Phoenix on December 09. The screenings will conclude in San Francisco on December 10.
As stated earlier, the screenings are free, but fans are asked to bring a new/unwrapped toy to benefit underprivileged children. Hasbro has pledged to match every donation with a "Star Wars" toy.
Fans can register for the screenings here. [Darth Maul Secrets]
The episode will debut on Cartoon Network in January and it will also introduce the dangerous new villain Savage Opress, who attempts to follow in the footsteps of his brother Darth Maul by becoming a Sith apprentice.
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