Corey Feldman says cast and crew of original #Goonies wants to do a sequel

Corey Feldman, one of the infamous treasure hunters from the original film, says the cast and crew wants to get together for a sequel to “Goonies.”
Feldman, now 39, told the Hollywood Reporter that everyone from writer Steven Spielberg to co-star Sean Astin to director Richard Donner would be on board.
“I would do it if [the studio] was serious,” Feldman said, “but unfortunately they can’t seem to get it together.”
Feldman says one big concern about making a sequel is putting out a movie that doesn’t live up to the original.
If we go and throw a sequel out there that’s lesser [in quality,] then suddenly we may hurt this continuous cash cow.”
Feldman also said there’s been talks of doing a Broadway musical and that he’d be open to playing a role in it if it ever came to fruition, but he made a point to say he’d never be part of a remake.