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Jurassic Park IV is confirmed as officially extinct...

Paleontologist, John R. Horner, technical advisor for the first three Jurassic Park films and for Jurassic Park IV, this week was purported to say that although planning and script writing had begun on the long awaited sequel, circumstance has managed to slow down production to a dead halt. 

"It's dead, at least for now. We were working on it, but things weren't happening soon enough. Anyways, it’s a Universal film, and Spielberg is with Disney right now. So until Spielberg gets back with Universal its dead. Hopefully it will be made eventually though!" 

With rumors of Jurassic Park IV going by the name of Extinction, there was also frightening rumors of a story that involved super intelligent dinosaurs being trained by the military to operate lasers guns. Thus it is of some consolation that the current script, if it gets made, will go back to the core principles of Michael Crichton’s original novel, and focus primarily on the science of genetics: 

"Well, JP4 wasn't a grand finale was...well... Well the script focused a lot on genetics, I can say that." 

This of course does not mean there will be no Jurassic Park IV or that the rumored (and I hate to use this word) 'reboot' will never take place, as demand for the franchise is still high, while the leading names in Hollywood are still supporting its regeneration. In January 2010 Jurassic Park III director Joe Johnston revealed that Jurassic Park IV was set to be the beginning of a second Jurassic Park trilogy, that will move into full gear once he finishes Captain America. With the backing and support of Stephen Spielberg and all the surviving character's original cast members (including Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neil) still expressing an enthusiastic interest for a new trilogy, that initial release date of 2011 looks more likely to be the Summer of 2013 or 2014... if it ever gets out of development hell. 


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