Obama as Jedi knight? George Lucas knew it all along

If you’re one of those folks suspicious that maybe, just maybe, President Barack Obama is a Jedi knight, the photos from the White House lawn Wednesday must have been eye-opener.

OBAMA/OLYMPICSThere he stood, white shirt and tie, brandishing a blue light saber like a true Jedi master.

Speculation has been rife in certain circles. After all, with former Vice President Dick Cheney dubbed “Darth Vader,” people were bound to look for other politicians able to tap the power of the Force.

Source - http://blogs.reuters.com/frontrow/2009/09/17/obama-as-jedi-knight-george-lucas-knew-it-all-along/

“Star Wars” creator George Lucas poured fuel on the fire more than a year ago, telling The Washington Examiner it was “reasonably obvious” Obama would be a Jedi.

Since then there have been Photoshopped images of Obama with a light saber, animated cartoons of him performing feats of Jedi mind control and more.

The photos Wednesday — at an event promoting the Olympic Games — led to a whole new burst of Internet creativity.

One picture was edited to portray Obama dueling Republican Representative Joe Wilson, who famously shouted “You lie!” during the president’s healthcare address to a joint session of Congress.

Another showed him between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, apparently wielding the saber to prevent any microphone grabbing incidents like the one at the MTV Music Video Awards last weekend.