Thursday, 6 June 2013

USA Today have produced a new interview on Kathleen Kennedy.  Its a good one as she talks quite a bit about Spielberg and how J.J. Abrams is a modern day Spielberg.

Many of the movies made by Spielberg and Lucas, and by extension Kennedy and Marshall, have found ready critics who lament their rosy resolutions. But Kennedy happily defends such family-friendly fare and, in fact, hopes to keep that tradition going with a new generation of directors, best exemplified by Abrams.
"J.J. has, in his own way, some of the same qualities that I always saw in Steven and George," says Kennedy, sitting a few paces in front of an E.T. poster that reads, "Kathy — 'I'll be right here …' And you were. Love, Steven."
"What all of these men have is the ability to combine a real seriousness about what they do with a sense of humor," she says. "So there's a buoyancy, a lightness, a feeling of aspiration to their storytelling. Of hope.
"I find that a lot of directors are attracted to the dark side," she continues. "That's not Steven or George or J.J. They all can explore darkness, but they're not nihilistic."
Kennedy is equally sunny about the future of her industry. While she concedes that all the rules are being rewritten, largely because of technological leaps, the foundation of the entertainment business remains its great storytelling.
"That will never change, even though the platforms are, and that's not a bad thing," she says. "The theater is still a valid experience, but give people a choice. And what is a movie in the future? I keep posing that question to the Academy (of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences). In 10 years, is a movie only a two-hour theatrical experience? Probably not."
Read the full article here.  Don't miss it. Check out the video that USA Today posted below.



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