Thursday, 20 June 2013

aykroyd murder scene

A worker at a Calgary landfill thought he had uncovered a snuff film on Thursday, when he found a piece of old movie footage that showed a man standing over a bloody body.

Once homicide investigators cleaned up the dirty images, they thought the suspect looked a lot like Aykroyd.

"It resembles him, but it's from 20-plus years ago," said police spokesperson Emma Poole.

She said officers started looking on the Internet for a movie that matched the murder scene. They also got in touch with the Canadian actor through his Los Angeles press agent.

Aykroyd, famous for starring in Hollywood blockbusters such as Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers, confirmed the images were from a movie he did in 1990 called Loose Cannons, said Poole. In the film, Aykroyd and Gene Hackman play police officers, one with split-personality disorder, in pursuit of powerful criminals.

"It was a film not many people saw," laughed Poole.

She said the dump employee thought he was doing the right thing by turning over the images, which were shot on 35-millimetre film and appear to have been from the original movie reel.

Aykroyd has told celebrity news site TMZ that the worker should have left the movie in the dump, "where it belongs."

The Canadian Press



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