George Lucas Is Holding On To His Disney Stock

george lucas without a beard
George Lucas and Disney.  You Look Different Somehow.  Have you had a  haircut?

George Lucas has no intention of letting go of his Disney stock he acquired as part of the deal selling Lucasfilm to Disney. Now this is a clever move as the stock can only go up with another Avengers, Pirates Of The Caribbean and more Star Wars movies in the works. Disney's shares are likely to rise quite dramatically. Good move!

holds 37.1 million shares of Burbank, California-based Disney, a 2.1 percent stake, according to a registration yesterday by the film, TV and theme-park company. Disney agreed to register the stock as part of its accord to purchase the filmmaker’s Lucasfilm Ltd. The deal was completed on Dec. 21.

“George Lucas currently has no plans to sell his Disney stock,” Lynne Hale, a spokeswoman for Lucasfilm, said in an e- mail. “This was a required filing in conjunction with the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney.”

Lucas plans to donate most of the proceeds from the sale of his company to education, the Hollywood Reporter said at the time of the deal, without mentioning a specific school or group.


I need your Star Wars memories for a book