Guillermo del Toro reveals why he's too busy for Star Wars - DC COMICS MOVIE!

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IGN caught up with Guillermo del Toro and confirmed he's working on a new DC comics supernatural heroes movie.
IGN writes 
There appears to be increasing interest in the project at Warner Bros. GDT confirmed that he’s working on the outline for the film -- which has a working title of Dark Universe -- and he’s also found the “perfect” writer to pen the screenplay (though he won’t say who that is yet). While del Toro cautions that this is far from a done deal, he’s pretty excited about the prospect of it happening as it will bring together many of his favorite characters from childhood -- everyone from Swamp Thing to The Spectre to Zatanna. Man.

He also hinted that the new Superman movie is going to be good by saying "They are really, really, happy with Superman, very, very confident with what they have. They are now feeling they have two pillars. Batman and Superman… There’s a foundation that now they can build on.”

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